One Month to Go

It is just one month until we embark upon our Pembrokeshire Coast Path Walk in memory of Janine.  The weather here in Tenby is pretty poor, as it has been all summer and across the country so far.  However we live in hope and there is time for the dratted jetstream to move.

I have accommodation for the family sorted out for the whole walk,  In B and B’s in the North of the county and at home here in Tenby for the second week when we will be in the south of the county.

Please keep coming here to see how our walk progresses.



One thought on “One Month to Go

  1. The weather really has changed for the better, hasn’t it. I have picked up some leaflets fromt he National Park office here in Tenby showing how we can “sign off” each section of the walk as we do it and eventually claim a certificate of completion of the whole walk! Janine has one in the house in Lower Anchorage and she was very proud of it. Now I hope to be able to get one for myself to display at its side.
    If you know which section of the walk you are plan to do perhaps you could let me know here on the blog? I know we are being joined by David Fawcitt, Chris Elliot, Monica Adshead, Eluned Hawkins,Jane Flavin,Ella Fergusen, Bruce and Jane Gibson,Judy and Norman Hughes, Jeremy Bowen Rees and I am sure a lot of others will decide when they see the weather forecast!
    Cheers Andrew

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