Wow, a syncline!




Day 14

A quick one tonight.  Really lovely day, great temperature, light winds from behind and sunshine.  A perfect combination. Plus we have crossed some of South Pembrokeshire’s loveliest beaches, Broad Haven, Barafundel, Freshwater East, Swanlake, Manorbier, Precipe, and Skrinkle.  We had great company, the family of course with Hugh in his chariot with bridesmaids, Josie and Shereen, and husband Stuart, plus Norman the trailblazer, Rosie, Judith, Janet and Penny with her lovely spaniel Dora.  We had a great swim at lunchtime at Fresh West, on the sandy eastern side. This time there were a lot of us. Well done.
The last section was just Norm, Penny and me on the final section after Manorbier. Finishing at 5 pm at Lydstep we shuffled cars and i was back in Tenby in my radox bath by 6 o’clock.  Fish and chip supper down at Lower Anchorage just hits the spot.
Tomorrow, our last day, is a 9.30 start at Lydstep with a 12 o’clock sandwich lunch at the garden of the Fourcroft Hotel with a view to getting on the go across the sand to Saundersfoot and Amroth at 1pm.  With luck and a following wind we should get by without going onto the cliffs.  I will try not to get folk cut off by the tide and calling out the lifeboat! Finish in sight! Amroth here we come.