The first day is the hardest!

The first day saw nine adults and the baby meet at Poppit sands in Pembrokeshire mist but no rain, to start the walk.  
We were me, of course, Mari-Anne, Andrew with Hugh on his back, Rhodri and Alisha,  Rosemary Chapman, Judith Williams and Heather and Thierry, friends of Mari-Anne and Andrew who had been posted with them in Seattle with Rolls Royce, come for a camping weekend from Derby.

After leading them off on the wrong path initially we started the long uphill drag towards Cemaes Head.  The weather gradually cleared through the morning and by midday we were on full sunshine with fabulous views of the thoroughly folded rock formations along the highest cliffs of the whole walk. Far below we could see seals in the water and some of us though that we saw a seal pup, all white on the beach below.
Lunch was at Ceibwr Bay where we met two families from the Seattle Rolls Royce team and ate our very welcome sandwich lunch in the sunshine.
For the afternoon we were only six, Mari-Anne, Andrew and Hugh left us, the path was very muddy and slippy and Hugh needed some entertainment and Rose wanted to see her grandson Lewis, staying with his mum in their cottage in Fishguard.
A slippy, up and down afternoon followed for the intrepid six. It was hot, it was muddy, the nettles caught you if you were unwary but finally we made it. We arranged a lift back to the cars at Poppit with my friend Jano who lives in Newport from Newport beach. rod and Alisha walked on the the hotel to meet up with the Rowlands clan. A very quick shower and change saw us in the restaurant at about 7.45 quaffing shandies and eating like a horse. We slept well that night. Very little phone signal so hard to get the emails and blogs off on
time. All in all great first day


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