Day 2

Well we had weather a bit different today. Seeping rain all morning saw to it that we were all thoroughly wet by lunchtime. The family set off from the Golden Lion ( after a very hearty Welsh breakfast) in gentle rain, to meet Thierry and Heather by their Campsite down on the Parrog. The walking started off easy but soon turned to slippery mud again. Andrew was especially careful with his precious cargo and succeeded in not falling down all morning. Well done. We made it to Cwm yr Eglys by midday and the keen ones decided to take the trip around Dinas Head, whereas the rest of us took a short cut through to Pwllgwaelod and the Sailor’s Arms which beckoned us there for lunch. A quick dip in the sea there, lovely black fine sand and refreshing temperature, and we settled in for lunch and a dry out. Rosemary and Pete and Eleanor with baby Lewis turned up for lunch too so the pub did quite well from our party. Mind you we did quite well from them, scoffing fish and chips, or a plate of mussels or a chicken and leek pie etc. We certainly have not lost our appetites on this walk.
The landlady from the Sailors Arms put a note in the collection box that I carry on my pack so we now have some more for the charity that needs our donations so badly. The afternoon looked like it was going to dry up, or at least the rain stop falling from the sky, and so it proved as Rhodri Alisha and I finished the 6 miles to Lower Fishgaurd, where Richard Burton, et al filmed Under Milk Wood in 1971. It was a very pretty sight and most welcome. An ice-cream and a lift home to Newport from Andrew have finished the day off nicely. Showered and Chang into dry clothes our minds turn inevitably to dinner…… I wonder how many calories we can take on board is evening.
Tomorrow we will start from the car park in Goodwick and passing Stumble Head for lunch aim to get to Aber Mawr. Apologies for the lack of photos. Still struggling to get them out of the camera, onto the iPad and then up to this blog site…. Too many new bits of software to learn all at once when what I need is a pint.


One thought on “Day 2

  1. Best wishes to you all. Gill and I will think of you as we help out the National Trust at Inverewe Gardens – so many fun things to do this summer x

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