Day 5

Wow, what a day!  Tremendous sunshine and breeze and what seemed like a very long 13.2 miles! I must measure is again.  We met spot on at 10am at Abereiddy.  Today myself, Rhodri and Alisha were joined by Nic and Teresa from Freshwater East and Jane and Emma from the Fourcroft Hotel.  The intention was to meet Mari-Anne, Andrew and Hugh at Whitesands bay just after lunch.  We scooted along the North coast of the St David’s Head peninsula making good time and fortified by large slices of Judith’s banana cake.  We saw plenty of seals and one good beach where there were four new born seal pups.  Along the route we met people walking the path who readily donated to our cause once we had explained what we were doing.  Lunch was taken at 1.30 on the ramparts of the Celtic Fortress across the end of St David’s Head and as usual it gave us the energy boost we needed to get us down to Whitesands for our post prandial swim.  We could only pursuade Jane (well actually Jane needs no persuading to get her cossy on) and Rhodri and me to partake of the very invigorating battle with the big surf at Whitesands.  The others chatted with the Chapman family who had come down to the beach to meet up with us.  I felt like I had had a shower after the swim and was back on the trail.  Really good to get the refreshing feeling on a hot day.  Rhodri and Alisha were swapped out for Hugh and his entourage who were to accompany us for the last 6 miles or so.  The sun was really warm but the strong warm breeze kept us from getting too sweaty.  In these conditions it was important to take on enough water, even though you might not feel thirsty.  We realised that it was going to take us a long time to follow the coast all around the Ramsey Sound so sent Hugh off on a shortcut across the headland which cut an hour out of their walk.  So Nic Teresa, Jane and Emma and I had our next boost of Banana Cake overlooking the tremendous tidal flow through Ramsey Sound, across the Bitches rocks.  There is a plan to put some tidal turbines in there sometime soon.  We marched on towards our goal at Porthclais harbour, a really tiny ancient harbour, where we were met by the entire crew at around 6.30.  We had been marching for nearly 8 hours, at a good speed but in and out and up and down of course.
A very quick shower for me at the Old Cross Hotel in the middle of St David’s and we were sitting in the Bishop pub for our evening meal.  Rehydration with lager is probably not the recognised way of doing it bit it seemed to do the trick for me.  We were all stiff and tired but elated at having finished a splendid walk.


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