Day 6

Day 6 has been a rest day in St David’s, something Janine never had.  The youngsters foreswore the opportunity to go around Ramsey Island on a jet boat with me and instead decided that they needed a massage each.  They took off to a spa in Goodwick and left me to sample the great outdoors again.  I was joined on this trip by Pete, Judith and her pal Hilary.  The Voyage of Discovery crew were very good and showed us the wildlife, seals, pups, kittiwakes, shags and fulmars, very nicely.  Also the geology and cliff formations and rapids were of course very interesting for me.  

They rejoined me for dinner at the Farmers Arms here in the city ( the smallest city in Britain?) where Hugh entertained us and the surrounding tables with his antics.  I took him for a long walk in his buggy round town (does this count as exercise i wonder) to try to get him off to sleep while the youngsters had their dessert but it was not to be.  He has been handed back to his parents for them to handle and we are turning in for an early night.
We have done about 64 miles in total so still over 120 to go.  Rain is forecast for tomorrow and Saturday so we could be getting a little bit wet and muddy again.  Little exercise today has left me raring to go.


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