Day 7

Rhodri and Alisha and I were joined by Jane and Judith for the stretch from Porthclais, past the  beautiful harbour of Solva and then the great storm beach of Newgale to finish at Nolton Haven.  Mari-Anne and Andrew and Hugh have headed off to attend the wedding of one of their university friends in Congleton so we had to rely on ourselves to get the cars positioned correctly for the end of the day.  This 13.5 mile day was dominated by the weather, cloudy but dry all morning, threatening rain all the time which eventually arrived about 3 pm and gave us a good soaking.  Rain trousers came on and off and on and it would seem by nice new Berghaus jacket lets the rain in after a few hours… or is that all sweat?  I don’t think it can be.  Rod tells me we did a total of over 700 metres of climbing – he has an app.  
Our long walk across the sand at Newgale coincided with the heaviest rain.  But frustratingly when we were driving back to St David’s to fetch the car the sun came out for a few minutes, just when we didn’t need it.  We had a super lunch in a cafe in Solva and tea in one in Newgale so at least we didn’t need to carry much food with us (except Jane that is who needs to bring her own food).  We are now safely ensconced in our guest house in Broad Haven which will be our base for the next three nights.  Bed by 9 pm absolutely whacked for a good nights sleep.  To top it off I got the news that two Huf House lorries had arrived in Tenby unannounced with parts for my basement.  Luckily Nigel can handle these things!
Today we meet at 10 am at Nolton Haven to do the stretch past Druidstone, Broad Haven, Little Haven, to Martin’s Haven once we have positioned a car at the end.  The forecast is for rain showers all day again so I am anticipating being wet and tired at the end of the day again.  our rest day tomorrow has a good forecast so we should be all set fir a bird watching trip to Skomer Island.
Very generous donations continue to appear on our just giving website and our total is up to £6,500, as well as what is in my collection tin.  How wonderful is that?  We had a good photo and article in the Tenby Observer about our walk yesterday too.  Alisha has only been to the UK twice and both times she has been in the paper!


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