Day 9

Our rest day has been very successful. Before breakfast we found the lost collecting tin. The sun shone nearly all day and our trip to Skomer saw us basking in the warmth and light winds. Lots of the birds had already left but there were still Ravens, Shag, Chough, Little Owls and plenty of Fulmars practising there skills. Rosemary, Judith, Hilary, Philip, Rhodri and Alisha accompanied me on the first boat over. We had 5 hours on the island to roam, use our binoculars and watch the wildlife and the seascape. It was all very soothing after our exertions on the path, although we all wondered what tomorrow may bring! The weather forecast now has one day of rain and wind and one day of sun for the foreseeable future.
Hugh returned to entertain us this evening. He was in terrific form, gurgling and pouting and pointing and laughing all through a most splendid meal at the Swan at Little Haven. He is such a tonic.
Tomorrows start is at 10 am at St Martins haven. We are expecting a crowd despite the weather, Les and Clive, David Rob and Pat and the Mercer Family who have taken a cottage near here for the week. let’s hope they will be rewarded with some great scenery. The Old Red Sandstone cliffs to Dale are very impressive.


One thought on “Day 9

  1. So glad u got ur collection tin back! Someone must b looking after u! God knows how ur all still managing to walk by now, hope u have foot massages lined up for when u get home!
    Sending best wishes for the last few days walking!

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