Bank Holiday Monday II

Did any of you detect a sign of faintheartedness in my blog this morning? How right you would have been.  We met up in a howling gale in the car park at Martins Haven.  Les and Clive had come from Bridgend, David Rob and Pat from Spittal to join me, Rhodri and Andrew on this section.  Our friends the Mercers from Blewbury days were there but like Mari-Anne and Alisha and Hugh they too thought better of it.  Conditions really were atrocious with winds of what felt like 40 Miles an hour whipping rain and spray into the sides of our faces.  Fortunately large parts of the path were level, although close to the edge above Marloes Sands.   Andrew without a fifty pound weight on his back felt like he was flying and I have say we were all in danger of taking off at times.  It was indeed fortunate that we were being blown inland.  
The waves on Marloes sands were immense,  completly white on the beach.  By midday we had all had enough.  We  had proved we could walk in a gale but we are all wet through (my borrowed plastic poncho was ripped apart by the wind) and we knew a short cut could see us inside the Griffin in Dale inside 15 minutes!  And that is what we did.  We met Adrian Lort-Phillips and Rachel as planned at West Dale but we sent them on their way without us while we planned to get on the outside of a bowl of good Welsh Cawl and a pint.  
I will have to come back and do the St annes head section another time.  We have our last night on the road at Marloes tonight.  Dinner in a pub called the Lobster Pot.  From now on we will be home in Tenby in the evenings, where we can get a signal on the mobiles and a fast connection to the inter web thingy.  Tomorrows forecast is much better with sunny skies again.  The Mercers will try again and we should meet them for a picnic lunch at Sandy Haven, having crossed the two tidal sections on a low tide. 10 am start from Dale, 11 am Monks Haven, noon Sandy Haven.  How hard can it be?


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