Day 11

Après Le deluge…. Soleil.  We have and a fabulous day from Dale to Neyland via Sandy Haven and Milford Haven with lots of walkers, at least on the first sections.  Tommi and Sarah from Nielsens in Gloucester joined us in Dale, we were joined by Beth and Eleanor and Anton from the Gann and then of course Rhodri, Alisha, Mari-Anne, andrew and Hugh.  We walked in lovely sunshine to meet Steve and Maureen with their two year old granddaughter Amelie at Monks Haven about 1 and a half miles in.  Then we all walked the lovely section to Sandy Haven, the front of the snake arriving in time to get across dry shod, but the back of the party had to take off their shoes and socks and paddle across.  The tide was rising phenomenally fast, although when we had got everybody across there was a 5 minute period when the tide went out again….. How weird was that?  We don’t know how that occurred and even seafarer Tommi had no explanation either.  My idea is for a mini Severn Bore sweeping up the Sandy Haven estuary.
Then we had lunch on the beach and I grabbed a quick swim in Sandy Haven beach.  After lunch we were just Rhodri and Alisha and Tommi and Sarah for the stretch to Milford Haven, past all the jetties and LNG plants.  We pushed on since the day was a long one.  In Milford a restorative ice cream gave Rhodri and Alisha the energy we needed for the last stretch to Neyland.  In all we did 26.4 kilometres ( approx 16.4 miles)with 575 metres of ascent.  We were shattered.  Janine did even more on her walk not finishing until she got across the bridge to Pembroke Dock… Amazing.
Tonight we have eaten at home in Tenby for the first time after nice baths in our own home.  We have demolished a Lasagne prepared for us by my lovely friend Mary Lou.  It hardly touched the sides!  Magnificent.  
Tomorrow is a dull stretch in the morning past Pembroke but gets better and better as we get closer to Angle.  I expect to have an early start on my own to be joined by people at various points on the way.  Rhodri needs to get some treatment for a sty he has developed on his eye. Forecast is reasonable with just a few showers in the offing.


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