Day 12

Day 12 was not one of the most scenic, unless you are an oilman and like looking at refineries and oil terminals -oh yes, I am one! This explains why it was only me who started off just before 10 am underneath Pembroke Castle for the westward walk to Angle. The path here is little used and was majorly overgrown in places.  I had some thundershowers which got me pretty wet but the sun soon came out to dry me off.  I was serenaded on the way by Bob Marley and Carole King from my pocket phone.  Very inspiring.  By the time I got to the Point House pub at East Angle to meet the younger members of the family I was ready for a sit down and a pint.  They were already there with Hugh in the local’s bar of one of the timeless pubs we have down here.  They all joined in for the last 2 miles round the Angle peninsula which gave us all another gentle wetting from a passing shower.  I managed a nice swim at the end in the surf of West Angle bay.  Very refreshing, like a highly toned athlete having an ice bath!  We were met at the end by friends Kate and Gavin and Maureen and Steve to wish us well.  
Tomorrow is the day across the range.  We have an 8.30 start at West Angle for the long course people and then an 11.30 meet up at the car parking at the top of Freshwater West.  We should be getting out of the Range at Stack Rocks at about 3 pm and Norm and Jude will sign us out of the range, while we all carry on to our end point at Broad Haven Bay.  
.For those of us with energy left this is a great place for a swim!  It should be a nice day tomorrow, minor showers only.  We should be over 20 people tomorrow.  The locals all want the chance to walk this section which is normally closed to the public.


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