Day 13

Another big day.  lots of miles probably 16 all told.  We had 20 people cross the Western Range but poor mari-Anne and Andrew couldn’t come because baby Hugh was not allowed onto the range, even though he would spend the whole day on his daddy’s back. What a pity.

I started at West Angle with Nic (whose wife Teresa cooked us breakfast at their house first), Drew and Chris ( who had driven from Arundel/Cardiff to be with me) at 8.30.  The weather was dry but overcast, clearing later to full sunny skies.  No rain at all!  After a 5 mile section with lots of up and downs and spectacular views of the red sandstone cliffs we arrived at Freshwater West carpark to meet up with our leaders for the Range walk, Norman and Jude and the rest of the gang.  We had Rosemary, Janet and Jane, all school friends of Janine, Judith, Rosemary and Penny all keen walkers, David and Pat and Debra, cousins of Janine, Chris the geology teacher and his wife and daughter and Rhodri, Alisha, Mari-Anne and Andrew with Hugh, although in the end they were not allowed to come in with Hugh, as I mentioned.  A great gang to take into the Range, cross Frainslake beach with lots of driftwood but some rare beetles to worry about and out onto Linney Head.  What a great privelige to be able to do this.  Thanks to the head Ranger, Craig Stringer, who remembered Janine from her walk (her enthusiasm!) and arranged for the military to have a day off firing.   Once we had climbed up to the Headland the remaining walk was very flat on a military track so quite dry also.  We had a great spot for lunch where the geologists among us enjoyed looking at the dramatic folding in the Carboniferous Limestone from that continental collision in the Hercynian orogeny!  The walk took in the usual sites now, the Green Bridge of Wales and St Govan’s chape and a lovely small beach, New Quay just near Broad Haven.  There was quite a bit of car shuffling to do at the end of the day but I returned eventually to Broad Haven for a final refreshing swim in some lovely waves.  Broad Haven has a special affinity for me since it is where I learned to swim when I was a nipper.

Norman and Jude and Jane pursuaded me to go for dinner at the Stackpole Inn after our swim.  It was very busy there so we didnt eat until 9 pm and I turned in dog tired about 11.  This morning I am dressing my blisters and seeing to the preparations for our do on Sunday to inaugerate the bat house.

hanks to everybopdy for coming and making it such an enjoyable walk.  I think we were 11 miles on the range in total.  Well done everybody..

Tomorrow the start is at Broad Haven at 10 am for the walk to Lydstep.  Drinks tomorrow evening at 9pm at the Fourcroft Hotel.  Only two more days to go and I am wondering what might happen afterwards?


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