WOW… I think I can say WOW.  What a wonderful effort from all our family and friends to support us on this great trip.  It was wonderful to feed from the energy and the love that was on display there for the last two weeks.  And we have raised over £8500 so far for Pancreatic Cancer UK so that others can be helped. Thank You so much. Janine would have been proud of you all for turning out and doing what you could to make it a memorable and exciting trip. I guess I have to take some responsibility for some of the excitement I suppose.

Now the house has gone quiet and I might be in danger of feeling flat.  But the activity ramps up over on the new house site.  The crane arrived this morning – on time, and I have a trip to my friends in Norway for the rest of the week.  Seeing Hugh this evening so I have that to look forward to.  Au Revoir


2 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. I am missing our long walks and lots of fresh air. Sitting in front of the computer at work all day is a lot less fun!

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