The gang at Amroth




Day 15

We have made it. All of us were safe getting around the headlands and rocky sections and cliff sections and rope descending and all arrived in Amroth, tired but happy to have completed the quest. We have had lots of support today from the Blewbury crowd and local friends so a big thank you to all who turned up and especially this who shuffled cars. I hope everybody is home and having a hot bath by now, I don’t think we left anybody un-catered for at the pub in Amroth!!! Well my young people are there for supper with master Hugh, who decided he could also walk today ( well done), and they can call a taxi to get home.
Lydstep to Tenby is about 5 miles and that was the morning goal for Rhodri, Alisha, andrew, Jean, andrew, Janet, bruce, Jane, Paul, Rose and Penny with Dora the dog. I had to keep cracking the whip to keep up the pace. But one way or another we arrived at the Fourcroft garden in lovely sunny walking weather for our sandwiches and coffee lunch. Extremely welcome and supplemented by a couple of Judith’s special fruit cakes they refreshed us enough to tackle the afternoon march. We were joined by an extra crowd of supporters, Eluned and Monica, David and Pat, Debby and her friend, Judith and Rosemary, Linda Jones and her family, and of course Andrew, Hugh and Mari-Anne. The tide
was low, but not low enough as it turned out. We tried but failed to get through on the sand after some clambering and some tumbling and some wet feet we had to return via Waterwynch and go via the cliff path route, at least as far as the path down onto Monkstone. Well I call it a path but it did involve the whole party abseiling done a rope and a steep slab of limestone onto the sand. Even then we had to push on to get around Monkstone and into Saundersfoot in the dry. Ice
creams in Saundersfoot and Jane’s irrepressible encouragement got us going on the last lap through the tunnels and onto the last climb out of Wisemans Bridge then down into Amroth. The pub in Amroth did quite well from us today. I will try to put up some photos of us all arriving in Amroth. Job well done I think. Thank you.